How to Deal with Losing your Job

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For more legal tips on dealing with getting downsized, click here , and here too.

From shock to relief to anger, fear, and optimism…or back again. This is natural.

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The intensity of these sensations should subside as you take care of details and begin your transition. There is no shame in being let go from an employer these days. And the people who care about you will understand.

Tips for Managing Stress After Losing Your Job

They can provide essential support for you during this trying period. The temptation to get back to work right away can be very strong. However, you always want to approach your contacts in your best light. Get your anger out in private. Stay away from Facebook or Twitter if you feel an urge to vent. One foul word saved online forever can haunt you in a hurry.


How to Cope With Losing Your Job and How to Move On

Talk to someone you trust and confide in them , other than a spouse or family member if possible. Seek out a professional if the stress is too much for you.

Take a Break

Arrange the return of any borrowed equipment or confidential material. Smartphone, laptop, tablet, proprietary files, etc. The process can take a number of weeks overall.

Coping with Job Loss

There are plenty of details to start considering. When it happened to me, I had an inkling it was coming—the crisis-laden company I worked far was slowly and systematically eliminating positions at the end of every quarter, like hurling deck chairs from the Titanic. At TheLadders, they liken job loss to any other kind of grief, with similar stages:.

Losing everything is the perfect opportunity - Arash Aazami - TEDxLancasterU

That can make it even harder to get back on track, because you may never know why your name came due on some list in HR. Do you want to stay in this industry? Is it time to go back to school, or try something new? Take stock of your skills, your experience, and your career goals, and use those to figure out what you want to do. The important part is that you take the time to think through your immediate needs and wants for your career.

Whether it was last year that you last pulled out this doc, or many years ago, this is your chance for a fresh start.

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If you have financial resources that allow you to take your time, great. The average job search takes six months, so the prospect of speeding up that process can be daunting—but not impossible!

And you can use this as a chance to emphasize your resilience and your commitment to your career. The best way to look at the post-layoff job search is as a search for opportunity.

The Most Productive Way to Bounce Back After Losing Your Job

Going from fired to hired is possible. If you were fired for illegal or unethical activity, well, that makes your battle a more uphill one. But if you were let go for a mistake on the job , or for poor performance, this is your chance to grow bigger than that…or find another career path for yourself.

What it comes down to is this: people make mistakes. You were fired from your last job—is that directly attributable to a particular action for example, you were chronically late , or to an inability to do the job?