Layers of Truth

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Share on Faceboook Share on Twitter. However, inherent creature limitations prevent them from asserting the coordinating fact of the matter of all things, and relativity insinuates itself in all cases.

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A delusion is real as a delusion but its content is unreal. The ultimate proof of facts for evolutionary beings is experience. Experience cannot be humanly transferable, except by testimony. It can be shared and divinely synthetised, because God the Supreme is the God of Experience.

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The truth of the meanings. Here human consciousness deals with what you call Semiotics or the world of the symbols.

Mar ’11 – Apollo Moon Landings: Removing The Truth’s Protective Layers

It is not possible for creatures to absorb the reality of facts by themselves, only what they mean to them. Being at home may provide a sensation of security, because that is what home may signify to an individual. As scene follows scene — right up until the curtain speech at the end of the play and a handout given out by the ushers as audiences exit — it becomes evident that reality has been up for grabs the entire evening … and that includes the internal reality of the play itself. The idea is to shine a light on the way American culture fetishizes and distorts the concept of truth, and sometimes uses that obsession as a convenient excuse to ignore larger issues.

Playwright Christopher Chen offers a more-than-worthwhile perspective, but even in a performance that runs less than minutes, the ceaseless detouring begins to feel like deception for its own sake.

The Three Layers Of Truth In Your Relationship

Most of the five-member cast — but most especially Brian Kim as the artist Lin Bo and Katie Bradley as another artist named Wang Min — play nesting-doll characters whose personas are unveiled as the show goes on. Though differentiated with subtle intention by costume designer Khamphian Vang, the actors have difficulty finding a consistent level of performance.

This manifests itself in the flirting-with-stereotype performances of Kim and Bradley to the oversize characterization of Edwin Strout as a magazine editor to the colorless turn of Erika Kuhn as a New Yorker reporter caught out of her depth. That inconsistency of performances, combined with a script designed to befuddle, makes the Full Circle production a play without handles.


By Dominic P. Papatola Special to the Pioneer Press. More in Theater.