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Four Principles | Lean Management Experts | Lean Sales & After-Sales

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Lean Sales And Marketing β€” Leaning Our Sales Process

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Lean is About Data and Evidence – Not Opinion and Anecdotes

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Can You Sell Lean to Sales People?

Managing a Lean Sales Process 1. Kiff and David Brunt 2. How Does Lean Apply to Sales? Can there be such a thing as a Lean Sales Process? Where to Start?

Lean Sales and Marketing: Keeping Lean Simple (Part 1 of 11)

A well-established, top-down leadership is crucial to rearrange the work patten to which your team is accustomed. Having a manager that is well-respected, energetic and eager to apply a lean approach to business is the perfect combination that will make employees less apprehensive and more interested. In the spirit of lean production, these managers can facilitate brainstorming sessions that can lead to game-changing suggestions and solutions.

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see url From rearranging the workspace to removing sales strategies that add nothing of value to your customer, this will refresh your approach to sales for a cleaner, smarter way of selling. How valuable is your latest lead? Sure, sales and marketing has a lot to do with numbers, but knowing the quality of your list of leads allows you to work smarter. How do you get your new clients?