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Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Brad Littleproud ; Joanne Hague. Publisher: Krause Publications , Chris Zappa No relation , USA I wasn't at the first Woodstock, but after hearing about what happened this year, I just wanted to say that I had an inkling that something like this was going to happen Why try to relive it in a generation that supports violence instead of love, peace, and equality for all? Jeannette L. All that summer I read about the upcoming festival in upstate New York, following the drama as the festival was moved from site to site.

I arrived on Friday night with my friend, who dropped a tab of acid and left the next morning.

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I stayed by myself the for the whole weekend, soaking up as much music as I could, and staying to see Hendrix on Monday morning. I was always proud that I had endured that mad, muddy weekend. At this point, considering the behaviour of the fans this past weekend, the name Woodstock should once and for all be assigned to the history books.

If you're going to have a music festival, fine; just give it another name. It's a disservice to the past and the future to use the "W" word merely as a marketing device to rip kids off. Peace, Richard Younger Richard Younger, America I remember fainting while waiting on line for a drink of water at the original Woodstock. The music was memorable, just lying on the grass listening to the musical greats. The original Woodstock will never be duplicated.

Susan R, USA I was at the original festival and I can truly say that it was an eye-opening, mind-blowing gathering of the tribes. We left NYC not knowing what to expect; the rest is history. Had planned to meet friends there and I actually found them. I had the time of my life in spite of the rain and mud, which I was quite used to. I never needed my tickets, by the time I arrived the ticket kiosk was overrun. I still have them and keep them with my college diploma as memory from a different era. I will not be at the current Woodstock but I know everyone there will have a blast.

My mother and father were there, and, as 'm sure many others were, I was conceived at Woodstock ' What a way to come into the world! Susan, USA I was sixteen at the time and still not out of short trousers. It may have been all drugs and free love for those Americans, but I was sent to bed by my mum at 8 O'clock with a copy of the Beano and a mug of Ovaltine. Matthew Howell, England The original concert was not about merchandising, sponsorships, or selling cds, it was almost spiritual, a rebellion against authority, fascism and the like.

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Drugs were a reflection of the frustration of youth in those days. Nothing, not even a Pink Floyd or Michael Jackson show with special effects can come close to what happened then. It was creativity at its best. K Nicholson, India I was living in Montreal at the time, which was a thriving commune of it's own.

I drove down with a Brit in an MG, in convoy with a host of other ex pat Brits. I remeber the traffic chaos close to the festival but everybody just sat in the queues singing, mainly peace songs for the war in Vietnam. I remember the huge number of VW Beetles.

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Everybody had flowers painted somewhere on their anatomy - indeed the lack of clothing was remarkable. There was an all pervading smell of hashish. The crowd I was with, bearing in mind Hash was more or less a legal substance in the Province of Quebec, had vast quantities. The mud was not too agreeable and coupled to the lack of serious loos matters were a little unsavory in places. Looking back the whole scenario was one of peace and loving friendship because of Vietnam.

I believe Woodstock was the starter motor for the peace process.

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Chris Eggy-Bear, England I remember mud. I remember rain. Yep, that's about all I remember. Josh, US Man, it was all commercialized back in '69 too.

I tell ya, that that was one un-groovy event. I couldn't even get around with all those cameras in the way.

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All my friends headed up to Woodstock and I missed it by two days. But I did make it up there in '94 and had a great time! He remembered very little about the entire event because of drugs. This was at the beginning of a very hard life, again, because of drugs.

But he believed so deeply about love and peace that Woodstock was always one of his very fond memories and there was always a sparkle in his eyes when he spoke about it. Purple Haze, Earth I was at Woodstock in the rain and mud having the best time of my life. Everyone was wonderful and loving.


Woodstock: Peace, Music & Memories

My car broke down with three passengers. Left it in a summer bunglo community and hike to the concert. On Sunday morning, everyone in the summer community helped to get us back on the road to home. My best memory was Sly Stone performance on Saturday night. Emil Novelo, USA Although my memories of '69 are hazy, I do remember feeling the happy vibe, the nudity, the discovery of inner being that thrives today, and the realization of what culture truly is.

It took four hours to drive the 18 miles. I must be in heaven. The rains and the mud, swinng nude in the pond.